Bodinnick Ferry


After reviewing Government guidance and seeking advice from Health Protection the following standards will go into place from Monday 15th June 2020:

If you are travelling in a car on the ferry, please stay in the car for the journey across the harbour.   A ferrymen will come to you to obtain payment, please only lower your window to pass this out and obtain a receipt (if needed).  By doing this you will no be required to use a face covering.

Should you lower the window down further or engage in conversation with a ferrymen then a facial covering must be used.

For anyone travelling on a motorbike, please keep your helmet on – if you remove it then a facial covering must be in place.

For passengers travelling on foot or with a bicycle a face covering must be in place prior to boarding the ferry, whilst on the ferry and this must remain in place until you disembark.

Please note that this does not have to be a face mask but you must cover your mouth and nose, for example a scarf could be used.

To be clear, if you arrive to use the ferry service and require a facial covering (following the above guidance) and do not have access to one, then you will not be permitted to use the ferry service at that time.

Please support us with this change and ensure you have your face covering ready when using the service.