Current Projects

Norfolk Boards barge


We were commissioned by the Norfolk Broads Authority to build a wherry barge which was delivered to Norfolk in January 2016.

The wherry is designed to be small enough to navigate the narrower rivers like the Chet and Ant and can carry up to 40 tonnes of sediment in the hold.

Here’s a picture of the keel laid and the initial stages of the build.

C Toms & Son build wherry barge

Framing underway for Norfolk Broads wherry

Here framing is underway for the wherry barge and we’re really starting to see the shape of the vessel.

Framing in place for Norfolk wherry

Bow section of deck in place

The deck of the bow section of the wherry is now in place.

Norfolk wherry barge being built

Frames in place

Frames and bow deck section in place.

This picture shows the full length of the wherry.

Wherry barge under construction, C Toms & Son

Plating underway on wherry

Plating being fitted to the starboard side of the wherry barge.

Plating underway on Norfolk wherry build

Launch of vessel

The wherry barge was launched at the boatyard in the first week of January 2016.

She then completed trials in Fowey harbour.

New wherry barge launches at C Toms & Son

Delivery to Norfolk

After the successful completion of trials, the wherry was taken to Par docks and loaded on a lorry for transportation to Norfolk.

She was delivered a couple of days later and this picture was taken by Allen and Maureen who were in the Broads to meet her.

The Broads Authority have named the vessel ‘Cygnet’ after an old wooden wherry.

New wherry barge arrives on the Norfolk Broads